Toho Animation Movies

A collection of movies produced by Toho Animation where we put together films that have two or even more than three parts, this could almost be called a series, but since it is an all night film and each film has a complete story, it is definitely not a series. When a film hits theaters, they usually don't know exactly what kind of story it will receive. Viewer opinions are often unpredictable, but they have tremendous power. Some stories are designed to continue, while others get new chapters as people respond positively. With a successful film, we can almost guarantee that we will get more scenes to please the audience. On the other hand, a lot of new things hit theaters in a year. How do you know a newer part of one of your favorites is available? This collection was created by including films produced by Toho Animation. All the important movies here, whether it's two or twenty, if you liked the first part of a story, it's time to check out the newest one too!